I just bought Artrage and I'm enthusiastic about this product, mostly for its oil color mixing quality.

Feature request: I really miss scrubby zoom (hold Z and drag the pen, like in Photoshop or in Rebelle).


bug report: if I paint with quick strokes, sometimes ArtRage seems to miss the movement and only paints a dot.

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These are exacly the same stokes, but ArtRage seems to miss the movement most of the time. This problem was very serious, until I enabled "use realtime stylus" in the options. Then the problem almost disappeared, but not completely. Sometimes it still happens:

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Is this a bug? it's forcing me to move the hand slower than I would like...


Reference window - bug report: The pan icon

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doesn't seem to work properly. the mouse pointer (even if hidden while dragging) seems to get stuck on the screen edge while panning, so I can't pan to see all the picture. This is very painful...


Reference window - feature request: I feel there shouldn't be a pan icon at all. I miss being able to pan the reference image by right mouse dragging , and zoom the reference image by mouse wheel (like in Rebelle). Currently, these actions move the reference window itself, which instead should IMHO be done by dragging a titlebar (or the pin).


Another slight issue I have is that the color picker is rotated WRT photoshop: saturation is to the right in photoshop

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but is to the top in ArtRage:

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Consider that people often switch to and from ArtRage and Photoshop, so it is painful if these frequently used things change position.

I think that's all for now. Thanks for your attention