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Thread: some bug reports and requests

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    some bug reports and requests

    I just bought Artrage and I'm enthusiastic about this product, mostly for its oil color mixing quality.

    Feature request: I really miss scrubby zoom (hold Z and drag the pen, like in Photoshop or in Rebelle).


    bug report: if I paint with quick strokes, sometimes ArtRage seems to miss the movement and only paints a dot.

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    These are exacly the same stokes, but ArtRage seems to miss the movement most of the time. This problem was very serious, until I enabled "use realtime stylus" in the options. Then the problem almost disappeared, but not completely. Sometimes it still happens:

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    Is this a bug? it's forcing me to move the hand slower than I would like...


    Reference window - bug report: The pan icon

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    doesn't seem to work properly. the mouse pointer (even if hidden while dragging) seems to get stuck on the screen edge while panning, so I can't pan to see all the picture. This is very painful...


    Reference window - feature request: I feel there shouldn't be a pan icon at all. I miss being able to pan the reference image by right mouse dragging , and zoom the reference image by mouse wheel (like in Rebelle). Currently, these actions move the reference window itself, which instead should IMHO be done by dragging a titlebar (or the pin).


    Another slight issue I have is that the color picker is rotated WRT photoshop: saturation is to the right in photoshop

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    but is to the top in ArtRage:

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    Consider that people often switch to and from ArtRage and Photoshop, so it is painful if these frequently used things change position.

    I think that's all for now. Thanks for your attention

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    Hello seguso and welcome to the ArtRage forums

    For scrubby zoom in AR, you need to hold down; Shift+SpaceBar and click-drag left or right with your pen/mouse.
    To Pan the canvas you just need to hold down the Space Bar and click-drag the canvas to where you want it.

    I’m not seeing your problem with fast strokes but that’s not to say it’s not an issue for you.
    What’s your input method? Mouse or Tablet?
    Tablet input methods are more complex under Windows and something about your setup may be less than optimal
    On Macs it’s much more simple with fewer variables and as a Mac user I can’t really offer any practical insights as to how to improve response times for you other than make sure any need tablet/mouse drivers are up to date.

    Again, I can't say that I have any problems with "sticky" Reference panel edges when using the Pan or Zoom icons
    But in addition to the icons found on Reference panels, you can also;
    Pan inside of Reference panels by holding down the Shit key and click-drag with your pen on the image.
    Zoom inside a Reference panel by holding down the Command key on Macs (which most likely will be the Control key for you on Windows) and again click-drag with the pen on the image.
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    One Annotation: You should not expect that every painting- and image-editing-software does everything like Photoshop does. I agree with you, that it is often annoying, that some things are sometimes so different, but not everything is solved the best way in Photoshop. For example: to rotate the canvas-preview, you have to change to the rotate tool in Photoshop (Ctrl+R, I think). In ArtRage you just need to hold Alt and the right mouse-button (or the related button of your stylus), and you can rotate by dragging with the stylus or mouse without changing the tool for that. Almost similar, for example, to GIMP, Krita and Inkscape, by the way. Every software has its own solutions for different things. That's often a little annoying for users that use different softwares, but it also has its advantages. And not all users prefer the same things.

    By the way, many thanx to markw for your advice about Affinity-Software. Have bought all three programs and really love it.

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