Has anyone used ON1 Resize to increase file sizes for large scale prints? I currently use the ipad pro 3rd generation and have all my canvases set at 3500 x 3500 (10x10, 350 dpi) or 3500 x 2800 (10 x 8). This works well for scaling up to a certain point. I always use the "record script" feature but the play backs never are correct. There definitely is a bug in that feature. At first I thought my gallery was too big and that was messing up the record script feature, but I removed all my art from the gallery, tried again. When I play back the art on my iMac Pro on my desktop version of artrage 6 (all updated), areas of the art are missing or distorted.

I am now trying to figure out a work around, since I love my iPad so much and most of my paintings are done on the go. Anyone have success or tip on how to scale up to 30 x 40 or 40 x 40 without having to paint the entire art over? I do detailed fine art, so good resolution is a must.

Thank you in advance to anyone that may have tips!