Hey there, last week I decided to make some tutorials on how to study to level up art skills, it was originally just for a mentorship student of mine, but as I was making it, I thought "hey, this stuff might be useful to other people", so I've decided to make it more of a series of art fundamental lessons.

I want to make something that will give the most benefit in the long run, and decided on some fundamental stuff, like how to paint with simple shapes and limited values, edge variations, colors and textures. In other words, things that once you know, you can use to paint basically anything with. They're some of the most useful things I've learned and make use of every day.

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I'm using a RPG level system for the lessons 😉
level 1 - use only two tones, and shapes of no more than 4 sides.
level 2 - same thing with 3 tones
level 3 - 4 tones
level 4 - 4+ tones and/or 4+ sides
Edge control, colors, and textures will be in level 5 and above.
I might encourage most people to stay in level 1-5 until they're quite good and having a lot of fun with the process.

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Some examples of higher level stuff involving more techniques like colors and textures
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Leave me a reply and tell me what you think!

If you want to learn art, does it seem like something you'd be interested in?
If you're already a seasoned artist, have you got any suggestions for me?

I'll probably throw it on youtube when it's done, so feel free to sub me there:

If you're interested in taking a mentorship with me, or want to ask me questions, or give me some suggestions, my discord is the best place for it:

Thanks for looking!

Credits for reference photos:
The Archetype - Laura Sheridan - Photographer
Tony THornburg - Model, Solve Sundsbo - Photographer, Luncheon Magazine
Egyptian Woman, Cairo, Egypt 1870, Photographer Unknown
African Man, Photographer Unknown
Nassia Matsa - Model, Adiran Samson - Photographer
White Witch - Model Unknown, Marcus Ranum - Photographer
Model - Unknown, Siberian Rennaisance Cover
Screenshots from Black Sails