Hi there, to whoever is reading this, thanks for taking the time.
I've recorded a script which includes an existing painting, when I try to play it back, the reference image that I had placed to the left edge of the screen is now right in the middle of the canvas, covering up a lot of the painting. Also I noticed that sometimes the canvas is in a position that's not ideal for presenting the painting process, so I have two questions.

1. Is it possible to hide or move panels when playing back a script? I tried to edit the script with a text editor and I found this line in reference to the panel.

Wait: 0.732s EvType: Command CommandID: ReferenceImageXForm Idx: 3 Loc: (0.3, 0.5) Size: (400, 600) Scale: 1 Rot: 0.0158832 Off: (2.65018, -22.0449)

It seems like it's transforming the reference image. I tried to edit this line, by changing the location or size or scale, but none of it made any difference to the playback.

2. Is it possible to remove transformations done to the canvas during play back? Can I edit the script and remove all instances of EvType: Command CommandID: CanvasXForm Scale: 0.5 Rot: 0 Off: (643, 57)

Which I assume is transforming the canvas, because of "CanvasXForm"?

If there are easier ways of doing this, please let me know, thanks!