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Thread: Adjust Brush Size?

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    Adjust Brush Size?

    How do I interactively increase or decrease brush size, while Painting with my mouse across the screen?
    Shift Left Click will increase or decrease size, but it won't paint while doing so?
    I can't find any keys showing me how?
    I don't want to paint with one size brush all the time, my art will look like Lego.
    I can't afford a drawing tablet, am only using mouse.


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    The only thing I can think of for any kind of brush that will adjust the size along the stroke is using the ink pen brush. Setting the taper length to 0% will give you a solid width stroke, while 100% gives a smooth taper from full width to 0 width. Setting taper bias controls where the wide and narrow parts of the stroke are. 0% starts the stroke full width and tapers down, 100% starts down and tapers up to full width, and 50% starts down, tapers to full width and half the stroke, and tapers back down. Other settings in between all of these values will vary accordingly. Just play around.

    As for other tools, can't say I know that any of them have similar functions.

    I know you said you couldn't afford a drawing tablet, but maybe you are only familiar with the popular/"high end" stuff like wacom. Huion makes some very respectable budget tablets. One of the best for being on a budget is the "Huion Inspiroy H640P", which can be found on amazon for $40 USD, or the "Huion HS610" which has more buttons, a larger drawing area, a touch ring, and tilt support and can also be found on amazon for $70 USD (I am referencing the Huion amazon store, no doubt there are other listings too). Both feature battery free pens with 8k levels of pressure and are compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Android.

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    Thanks for replying.

    I believe I suggested they use the middle mouse wheel to increase/decrease brush size/simulate pen pressure while they were developing Artrage beta
    many years ago, but I guess they felt it unimportant.

    I see the prices of drawing tablets are cheaper than ever, so I guess I will go that route.
    Back in my day, we had to use stone chisels and blocks of stone to draw, we
    didn't have any this new fangled drawing tablet stuff. LOL

    I found a cheap Wack'em tablet for $100.


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    Shift+Left Mouse Click holding down the mouse button and draw left (smaller) right (bigger)

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