Hi all,

Im new to the forum and relatively new to the Artrage software too, but so far Im having a lot of fun with it!

I am having a little issue with the scripts though, I wanted to record a script so I can then make a video of my painting process.
At the beginning it all loked great, but then when I start using the knife, the scripts seems to add color with every knife stroke (see image).
Later some layers (headlights and windshield) that where transparency locked seemed to work the other way around, like painting outside of them instead of inside.

PS: Wanted to add one more detail, at the beginning I used the knife too for the background and it worked well, the issue started when using it on the car.

Any clue what is going on? is it some mistake I made or some configuration I should change? or is it a software problem with no solution?

Also, if there is a solution, can this script be fixed to be seen correctly?

Hope the image is visible:

Click image for larger version. 

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