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Thread: First ever real portrait. I need honest criticisms

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    Thank you so much for that. I've tweaked it a little more and think i've ironed out the little faults. I've put the final picture on the Gallery as I can't see much more that I can do to it. I don't really do portraits of people and have found it very challenging, but interesting. Fascinating that the tiniest touch makes so much of a difference. I think this is the fascination of portrait painting. I'll certainly try more as its really interesting how light and shade have so much affect.

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    Hard to believe this is your first painting, you could teach me some good ideas.
    Actually a very good painting for a first attempt, seems far above the average for a first try.

    I was going to make a comment on the first image here yet it was corrected in the second image you posted after making some changes.
    Looking at the second image the only thing I would change is the grass background behind the boys head top hair area. Break it up a little so that it does not seem to flow parallel to the head following its' shape, or extend the green over all the black area that extends to the top right corner. This could actually be how the photo looks yet would be a way of people viewing your painting not interpreting the grass background as being something associated with the boys' head. When creating artwork you have to realize that photo realism is not the only type of expression. As a way of preventing someone from believing there is some form of abstract or surrealistic expression in your composition you might want to avoid anything in the composition that could lead to that impression.
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    Thank you Stephen. I've done as you suggested and it looks better. I can't seem to post the picture.
    Yes, first and last portrait as it is far too much hard work lol

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    Click image for larger version. 

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