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Thread: HELP! how to remove background around an imported detailed object?

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    HELP! how to remove background around an imported detailed object?

    After importing photo's of some of my old handpainted paintings...I would like to remove some of the backgrounds. These are pretty detailed designs so using the eraser is extremely tedious and not very exacting. Is there a more efficient and quicker method? I can't seem to get canvas to erase any imported background as well.
    Just having a frustrating time and have been trying to figure this out for a long time.
    Any help is very very appreciated!!!
    Thanks in advance! Regina

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    Hello Regina.
    Depending on how busy the backgrounds are you could try this method. Use the selection tool. There is the freehand tool you can use to isolate the parts you wish to remove and then 'delete'. Then there is the 'magic wand' and also a tool to 'Paint Area' red like a mask.

    You could also try Edit/Filters/Remove Color Matte.

    I don't know why you can't erase an imported background. File/Import Image File - works for me. You can erase the Tracing Image if it is set to Convert Tracing Image to Paint.

    I hope some of this helps.

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    My go-to for this would be the "paint area" select tool as the most adaptable version of the select options for detailed work on a full image.

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    Thank You so much June and Krigen!! Now I have some direction to go in to get this sorted out! Much appreciated and Happy New Year! Regina

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