In truth, this is my first finished ArtRage painting at all and first finished color artwork at all. I've grown up doing pencil drawings. What better way to explore new mediums and methods without fear of mistakes or on going costs than ArtRage?

I made this piece starting with making a custom sponge shaped sticker spray brush from actual art sea sponges and black acrylic paint. I used that brush to make a big stencil, and airbrushed a white base with the stencil. Basically I tried adapting airbrush tutorial techniques from YouTube into ArtRage. The stars came from one of the premade custom brushes. To color my nebula clouds and stars I airbrushed colors onto another layer set to color dodge blend mode. I worked from the blue to magenta, then added the cyan at the bottom left and tried to keep the transitions smooth, but separate. I just kinda went with what ever colors felt interesting and let my instincts flow. Glad I finally figured out how to make this technique work instead of needing to use selections with the edit menu like last time. I hope you enjoy

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