Figured it's about time I throw my hat into the ring with my first WIP. I made my own sticker spray sponge brush with some black acrylic paint and a pack of sea sponges from Michaels. Then used that to make a big pseudo random stencil. Then the airbrushing, but what has been really interesting is figuring out how to get AR to color my base. I thought the "tinter" preset would work like tinting with an airbrush, IE it would color the white and leave the black. Turns out, at least in this experience, it basically works just like the "normal" blend mode. I had to make a freehand selection and use the "adjust layer colors" option under "edit->filters" to get the blue, then airbrush white with "soft light" blend mode to brighten up the stars in the less dense portions without desaturating them. Still gotta work on the rest of the grey

Hmm, I think I might have too many stars in the background. Good thing I kept my original layers separate, and save often.

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