Hello everyone. So, I just got slapped by the "don't forget to save" fairy. Was working from the ground up on a space scene and didn't save at all. I had just gotten some good foundational work across 4 layers and was organizing my upcoming tools into a toolbox. When I switched to docked mode and set my preferred boxes in place, ArtRage crashed with my unsaved piece blown to the digital wind. I look now in the folder where I save my .ptg files, and there are plenty of .tmp files from around the time I was working on this painting. Is this recoverable? I tried importing one of these .tmp files in ArtRage with "import image file", but it didn't recognize it.

I can, of course, start over and it won't be the end of the world if I can't recover that exact painting, but I had just created a layer "mask" from my own custom sponge sticker sheet spray brush (I made from using actual sea sponge) that I was going to be happy using as a stencil for the nebula airbrushing. No doubt many of you understand how tedious it can be to setup custom brushes, especially with the sticker sheet spray settings, and how satisfying it is when you get a result you really like.