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Thread: Husky (I think!)

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    Husky (I think!)

    I did this using only artrage 6 and one of MarkW's brushes. Thank you so much for the support. I really love this softwareClick image for larger version. 

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    Isn't it weird that you paint and paint and paint and it looks awful, then suddenly it looks good. Its magic

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    It happens all the time to me Kate. I call it the 'ugly stage' where I even wonder if I will continue and finish the project. However, I have always plodded on and as you say, suddenly the magic happens.

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    Really good to see you settling into using AR now Kate
    Just want to give this soft fury fela a big hug!
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    Yes MarkW, he is very furry. I used your fur brush for his back and it was perfect. I'm really happy how it turned out in the end. I can't believe sometimes how much of a struggle it is to get depth and contours into things, and they look so flat, then you tweak some more and bingo!

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    Certainly a very good example of a Husky and that comes from a long time breeder like myself .
    The brush you have used from Mark has definitely brought out the layers of a Sibe coat.
    Well done.

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    Very successful! Really nice portrait of (that breed?) . . . yeah, looks like a husky to me, although I'm no expert. But as a dog, and as a painting, it's a really terrific job!

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