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    templates in 6

    How do I set up, or make, start up templates in artrage 6, paper size, paper ,etc? thanks
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    Hello musicstuff and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    While AR has no option within it to store templates you can achieve more or less the same thing by saving empty painting files and launching these which is what I and many other AR users do.
    You can setup these empty pantings to your desired size, resolution and canvas type. If wanted add a specific Toolbox, say one containing tools for sketching or maybe doing watercolours, whatever. Now name and save these empty template paintings to a folder on your system.
    You can then launch AR by opening one of these empty paintings and have everything needed already loaded and ready to go.
    But the one thing you must remember to do is to now save this new painting under a different name, to prevent overwriting the original empty “template” painting.
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    Thanks very much!I figured it out, just got all muddled up with sequence of presets....onward and...

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    But you can also add your own canvas sizes (I think also with canvas textures) as presets if you do the adjustments in the "New Painting"-Dialogue (Menu "File" > "New Painting") and click on the "Presets"-Button on the right side. This opens a little drop down menu where you can find the entry to "Add New Size Preset".

    Edit: Just tested it: to save the canvas size works, but you can't save the texture with it. The Size Templates will be saved in the "Size Presets Folder". You can find it at the bottom of the "Tools"-Menu, if you click on "Browse Content Folders". The folder's name is "Custom Sizes".
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