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Thread: Changing brushes reverting back to default size. How to keep a set size?

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    Changing brushes reverting back to default size. How to keep a set size?

    I've added some brushes to my toolbox, with colour samples, but every time I change brushes, eg from a brush to a blender brush, the size changes back to the default. I know now how to change the size using the shift key and pen movement, but I'd like the brush to remain the size it was when I go back to it. Is this possible? Ty

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    Hello Kate ,
    It sounds like your presets were saved with a given size.
    So every time you select one from your Toolbox it will default to the size specified in the preset.
    As both a default Size and Colour can be set when making presets it’s always worth considering if you are likely to always need those attributes every time you reach for that brush in the future?
    For some brushes you will want one or both of those attributes stored with the brush. But I have found that mostly I don’t. Maybe 10 or 15% or so of my home made presets have one or both of those attributes saved, but that’s all.

    It’s worth noting though that if you switch between tools via the Tool Picker or using key commands the tool’s settings will always be as they were the last time that tool was used.
    You use an Oil brush with a preset size of 50%. While using it you change the size to 100%. Now you swap over to the Custom Brush for a bit. And then maybe time for some work with the Knife.
    Now you want to go back to the Oil brush again;
    If you select it from the Toolbox it will revert to the 50% size as that is part of what defines that preset.
    But if you just select the Oil brush from the Tool Picker instead or by key command, the size will still be at 100% where you left it last time.
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    Thank you, I'll look into what is in the presets.

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