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Thread: object selection

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    Question object selection

    Questions from a newbie:
    1. Is there a way to select a part of a photo (tree for example) and move it to another location in the photo, or make it a layer?
    2. If I trace a photo, how do I get rid of the photo and make a layer of the tracing?

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    Hello PamelaS and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    You can use the Selection Tool in various modes to select specific areas of a Layer; Brush selection, Freehand, Polygonal, Magic Wand, Square and Round.
    These modes and other setting for this tool can be found in the Settings panel when the tool is selected.
    Once an area is selected you can use the standard edit commands to Cut & Paste or Copy & Paste the selection to a new layer. When the Paste happens in AR the Transform panel will automatically open allowing you to; Move, Scale, Rotate, Flip and/or Skew the item being pasted. When ready click the confirm box in the bottom right corner of the Transform panel to finish the Paste operation or hit the Return key.
    If you don't want to make new layers from the selected area but just want to alter the existing layer, then after making your selection, using the Transform tool, click once with it inside your selected area to bring up the Transform panel to let you perform the operations listed above.

    If you are using an image loaded into the Tracing panel then you can turn Off the Tracing panel at any time which will let you see how your actual paint layer really looks.
    This page has more info about the Tracing panel:
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