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Thread: First painting in AR. Very disappointed, can't work with brushes.

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    thank you

    Thank you Mark. I always had imposter syndrome as a nurse in my real job! I think I am really getting to like AR. The realism of the paints, and canvases and brushes is brilliant. A lot to learn, but I can only do that by more and more practice. As always!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kate12345 View Post
    Here is my commissioned dog. I made myself do all of it, apart from adding the background, in AR 6 and made a fur brush to use with it. I'm not 100% sure its as good as it could be but the original photo was off a phone, so not the best quality. I traced the outline and kept that in a layer i could keep referring to, then did a layer using paint daubs to get the underpainting and ensure the colours were correct. Then I added my top layer with the fur painted in, eyes etc. I don't like painting dogs with that peculiar pink nose and muzzle as its so difficult to get that dimpled look. The customer however does like it, and it is a good likeness to the original dog, so I have to be happy with that.

    I am now a convert to Artrage, but have a long long way to go to master the brushes etc, but I absolutely love the way the paint moves on the canvas and want to practice with some nice paintings of my own.
    I absolutely love the detail of this dog! Well done!!

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