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Thread: How do I make stencils or get ahold of more of them?

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    How do I make stencils or get ahold of more of them?

    The title says it all.

    I'm looking to get more stencils Can anyone help me with that Please?Click image for larger version. 

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    I did this picture in Artrage 2 and I've got every Artrage since then purchased and I can't find the stencil for the wheat that I used. I've never created a Stencil in my life so I know it was one that was included in Artrage 2. I'd also like to find the Pine tree's stencil as well.
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    Two methods are possible for making new stencils;
    1: The content from any layer can be turned into a Stencil by right clicking a layer and choosing ‘New Stencil From Layer Content’.
    2: Any image, .jpeg, .png, etc… can be turned into a stencil and it’s quite easy to do.
    Open the Stencils panel.
    Select an existing group you want to add to or create a new group by clicking the ‘Add Group’ button.
    Once you have a group selected or new group added, click the ‘Import Stencil’ button and navigate to the image you wish to use and select it.
    That's it, you can now use the image as a stencil.
    Note; the darker an area of an image used as a stencil is, the more transparent it will be and so let more paint be deposited in those areas.

    The Art Supplies area of the forums will be your best place to start looking for additional stencils I would think.

    As for your screenshot of the wheat I don’t recall that particular stencil from AR2?
    Are you sure it was a Stencil? It looks very similar to the 'Wheat' sticker spray found in the 'Nature Stamps' group for that tool.
    And now I look harder, those trees look a lot like they may be the 'Distant Trees' and 'Pines' brushes also found in the Nature Stamps group.
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