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Thread: Colour selection: 2 or 4 colours fading palette

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    Colour selection: 2 or 4 colours fading palette

    Hi everybody!

    I've a question/suggestion about quick colour selection in a specified range of colours. I couldn't read something about this argument before in this forum.

    While painting I'd like to have a colour selection tool when I need to quickly choose in a specified range between 2 colours. For example, choosing between particular red and green tones, a window on the screen with a range like this one:

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    This is a linear fading, but you could have logarithmic or others, of course.
    Then, it could be very useful to have keys (e.g. arrow keys <- / ->) to move within this range, so you can have your left hand working on your keyboard, while the right one holds your pen on the screen.

    A possible upgrade could be a 4 colours selection tool, using a square range like this one, where the previous red-green horizontal fade range is placed in the center of the square and each colours is extended vertically to black and white (but even to other colours):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Red-Green-White-Black.jpg 
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    In this case, you could need 4 keys, to move in each direction.

    I think it might be useful to have such a quick colour picking tool while you're using your brush, without having to choose using existing colours' palettes, that don't allow you such a feature.

    Perhaps it could be created a new colour selection tool, with linear/gaussian/logarithmic/etc. variation between 2 or even 4 user's colours... what do you think about?

    Please, forgive me if this argument is not new to this community or if ArtRage already has a feaure like this one I couldn't find.

    Thank for you attention

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    i think what you are describing is a right handed issue.
    most left handed people use their mouse right handed.
    i draw with left hand and use mouse in right hand, i never need shortcuts
    interesting idea. does any other software have it?

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