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Thread: dry brush

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    dry brush

    it would be great if the oil brush can still blend the paint from the canvas even after it runs out of paint, like dry brush from corel painter. i know that " hard out smudge " from palette knife does something similar when its loaded but it would be great to see oil brush do the same.

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    if you want to replicate that brush type in artrage, you'll be looking at either medium thinners/low loading oil brush, or, indeed, a palette knife for a more closer similarity (painter's artists oils have artrage roots - they're very similar to paint roller in an older artrage version/palette knives in the current AR.)

    one thing to keep in mind is you have to cover the canvas/active layer in wet oil paint first for paint blending and pulling to happen: artrage canvas is technically empty when you start painting even if you see the texture.
    painter's canvas is 100 % opaque and brushes can mix paint between layers.

    in artrage, paint has to be there first, and than the oils or palette knife do the pushing and pulling of the pigment around.
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