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Thread: Scrap misbehaving in AR 6

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    Scrap misbehaving in AR 6

    The scrap feature in AR 6 doesn't seem to behave properly. When I first start AR and create a new scrap, the brushes work as advertised. However, after painting (successfully) in a layer on the canvas, when I go back to the scrap, the brushes are whacked out: they draw only thin lines, if anything. This is on Windows 10 Pro.

    In fact, the behavior of brushes on a scrap seems unpredictable. I can't figure out why the brush I select isn't used on a scrap. There isn't much documentation about how scraps work. Can someone enlighten me?
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    I wish I could help. I've never moved beyond drawing with a mouse and it might be that your drawing implement for some reason doesn't like scraps. No matter what, it's still weird that your system only dislikes scraps. Try emailing the support team?

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    I'm sorry I can't help either. There is really nothing to add to what you see with using scraps. They are for trying out and mixing colours, brushes etc. That's all I use them for. I've never had a problem as you describe. Sorry. Perhaps follow Sueellen's advice and contact support.

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    Same here, Iíve never had issues when using Scraps. Bit of a mystery...
    As suggested by the others, you can contact Support via their support page:
    Or email: [email protected]
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