MacBook Pro OSX El Capitan Ver 10.11.6 ArtRage 6.1.1
The reason I have stopped using ArtRage (which i would like to use) is because of the PSD import into Anime Studio 11 (MoHo).
On import no matter what the size a layer is visually in ArtRage the psd import into Anime Studio has the layer as a whole image size.Which makes transforming difficult as all layers are the same size.
When I use Affinity Photo the layers exported as (PSD) are imported at the size of the image.(not the full size project.)

Example: In ArtRage the entire image project file is 1216X684 . the head of a character is 216X112. When imported as a PSD into Anime Studio the head of the character is 1216X684 (full project size)not the size of the image in the layer.. This is the problem any way to avoid this behavior?
Thanks and I hope my problem is clear.