Hi all

i am new and have been using artrage for a few months.
can someone please help me with the following questions.

(1). when you use sample colors in artrage, there is no highlight box around the color you have selected. if you have many colors on your sample tab how are you meant to know the current color selected?
if you have like 5 greens, you don't want to select the same green. i see a workaround by clicking "show samples with names" and then to keep scrolling one level down, but this takes far too long. am i missing something?

(2). is it possible to increase the size of your ref photo?

(3). i like to use the cursor tool but artrage keeps resetting my cursor to precise. i keep restarting artrage to try save the tool selection but eventually it reverts back to cursor. the other issue i have is when using the tool cursor, it seems they are all meant for right handed people. is it possible to have the tools on the left hand side?

thanks a lot