As far as I know, the Document Panel is the only way to toggle between open documents (except you have setup keyboard shortcuts to toggle).
But the panel only shows the document titles. This should be improved.

An integrated thumbnail of the document content would be nice or at least some information like the size of the document.
And since I'm using the desktop version of ArtRage6 with a 24" display in Classic View Mode, a large part of the Menu Bar is unused.
So why not create an option to quickly access an open document by the Menu Bar?

Apropos Menu Bar: While using the symmetry function, I'm often toggling various symmetry settings by hotkeys including the "Mask to Starting Segment" function.
I wish there would be an icon in the Menu Bar indicating whether the Masking currently is on or off.

By the way: It looks as if there is an issue with the "Mask to Starting Segment" function. Having it enabled, the Pencil tool (Precise off)
creates glitches in the starting segment when strokes placed close to the dotted symmetry line are becoming parallel to the symmetry line.
No big thing, disabling the mask helps. So that's why on icon would be pretty helpful.

I'm using ArtRage 6.1.2 on a moderate Win7 desktop pc with NVIDIA graphics and a Wacom Cintiq 24 Pro (no touch)