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Thread: Hand tinting Photographs

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    Question Hand tinting Photographs

    Hello I am searching for a program that I can hand tint/paint photographs, like the style done back in the 19th century. Will ArtRage allow me to do this or is there a better program for this. Not an Adobe fan, so please forget Photoshop or any of their programs. Thank you.

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    Hello ballarddog and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    While ArtRage is not designed as a photo editing tool it could be used for colouring B&W images.
    The colours would need to be on their own layers above the original image and have their 'Layer Blend Mode' set to ‘Colour’.
    As ArtRage’s primary focus is the creation of original paintings, it uses canvas textures which interact with the paint being used to replicate the looks of real world media. So you might want to consider setting your canvas and layers to a very smooth paper texture or 0% to preserve the textural look of the original image.
    If you want to experiment first, you could try the demo version of AR6 to see if it is suitable for your needs here:
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    about Hand-colouring of photographs

    Have you tried the free KRITA? It is also a pen based drawing and painting program, but there are plenty of filters built in to support such a job.

    But of course you can also do this by hand in ArtRage. You just have to develop your personal optimal workflow for it.

    And even if you don't like Adobe Photoshop, the numerous instructions that can be found on the web can also be transferred to other image processing programs. So for example the free GIMP Image Editor.

    But it is crucial that the content of the picture is correct. For example, it would not be credible or convincing to depict a present-day Formula 1 racing car together with a few grid girls in the color style of the 19th century. Unless that is your intention or this alienation is part of the concept.

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