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Thread: Is the paint gap bigger in AR6?

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    Is the paint gap bigger in AR6?

    As the title says, is the painting gap bigger in AR6? I finally got around to upgrading from 5 to 6 today and I'm noticing a big difference in the time it takes to start registering small, quick stylus movements when using the pencil and ink pen tools. It's not too bad on large strokes, but unless I apply quite a bit of pressure/pause before doing a small 'flick' the line does not begin at the cursor start point but 'jumps' slightly. It is also noticeable when trying to adjust a setting slider via stylus, as the slider almost has to be 'pulled free' before it can be move accurately. I haven't encountered anything like it on previous versions of AR and wondered if there was some way I could adjust it because it's currently very difficult to work with?

    I'm using a wacom intuos and windows 10.

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    Hi infinatepixel!

    I don't think so. I still have ArtRage 5.0.8 installed (additional to ArtRage 6.1.2), and I can't see any difference in the performance. Maybe it depends on your preferences? Have you activated "Multithreading" ("Advanced Preferences")? Or maybe "Experimental"? It could also be a problem with your Tablet. Are the drivers up to date?
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    Hi Somerset,

    Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like it may have been something to do with the multithreading. It hasn't totally negated the issue, but it has certainly reduced it quite considerably.

    Thanks again for the help.

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    You could also try changing the tablet input method inside the ArtRage Preferences.
    In the 'Input Device' section, turn ON Wintab, and turn OFF Use Realtime Stylus, and the restart ArtRage.

    Also it could be the tablet and pen settings in Windows. Try turning off right-click helpers and pen flicks.
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    Fiddling with the 'input Device' has cleared the issue up perfectly! Thanks AndyRage.

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