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Thread: Can't paint in mirror position

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    Can't paint in mirror position


    I recently upgrade Artrage 4 to Artrage 6 ( win 8, xp pen artist 22 ). I am having some problems. When I press the H key to rotate my drawing horizontally, I can't draw at the same time. It was possible with Artrage 4.
    Another thing, when I want to adjust the colors of the layers I can't position the preview with my stylus I have to use my mouse.
    Are bug fixes planned? Will there be any new updates ? Thank you.


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    Hello meya,
    Well in answer to your first question, the ability to flip the painting and still continue to paint while holding the H key down was actually a bug in the Windows version of AR4. This was never possible on Macs.
    In AR6 you can use ’Transform All Layers…’, found in the Edit menu to do something similar.
    Using this command will open the 'Transform' panel. Now hit the H key followed by the Return key to flip the painting horizontally.
    Things to note using this method:
    1: The “flip” dose not happen around the centre of the actual Canvas but rather around the centre of all the layers aggregated together, which may not be in the same position as the true centre of the canvas.
    To be sure of the flip happening around the Canvas centre make sure you have one layer containing paint the fills the entire canvas. This layer dose not have to be visible, it can be hidden, it just needs to be there to ensure that the “flip” is centred in the right place.
    2: All the layers of the painting must be Un-locked. If any have ‘Lock Position’ active they will not flip with the rest of the painting.
    3: This method can take longer to flip the painting as the number of layers starts to increase.

    As to your second problem I don’t think that is a bug that has been generally encountered by other users
    I’ve not seen it reported on the forums before, so it may be specific in some way to your system
    I would suggest contacting Ambient Design directly about it on their support page here:
    Or buy email: [email protected]
    Give as much info about the problem, the hardware you are using your OS and tablet driver software version.
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    So I found the AR4 bug better
    Thank you for your answers.

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