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Thread: old download and purchase option

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    old download and purchase option

    I hope that the old download and purchase option will be returned.
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    I'll co-sign that. I'm never going to purchase anything through the Windows store. I'm currently a happy ArtRage 6 user and I was quite disappointed when I got the mail today and slowly realized that the terrible Windows Store will be the only option going forward. That's simply not going to happen for me personally.

    Who thought that was a good idea?

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    Most of our ArtRage customers aren't as technically savvy as the users on this forum. Managing licenses, serial numbers, downloadable installers (different ones for Mac and Windows (you know we have customers who aren't even sure whether they're using a Mac or a PC)), updates, installs. And they will have absolutely no clue if they need to ever re-install ArtRage and have lost their serial numbers, and possibly even changed their email address. Honestly many support queries here turn into Detective Mystery Adventures trying to work out who they are and what they've purchased.
    And this is even ignoring the fact that many schools and OEM editions of Windows and MacOS literally can *only* use applications purchased through the respective App Stores.

    By using the App Stores no-one has to keep track of serial numbers, or upgrade coupons, or member area accounts, or downloading the correct installer. If you change your PC it doesn't matter so long as you keep the same Microsoft account - you can automatically get your ArtRage installed through the Store again.

    Believe me, I really do get that many people are reluctant to use the App Stores. But we believe the benefit to the majority of our customers far outweighs the inconvenience. Given the way both Apple and Microsoft are moving toward sandboxing their applications it's likely to get even more difficult for us as developers to produce non App Store applications. So we're going through the pain now while we're still able to offer ArtRage 6 as an alternative to people who absolutely do not want to use the App Stores.
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