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Thread: Selections & layers

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    Selections & layers

    Please forgive me if it’s covered, I’ve searched, but can’t find anything. Is it possible to do a ‘new layer via cut’ or …’via copy’ In AR5?
    IE: moving a selected area of a layer to a separate layer so it can be scaled, etc. Easy in PS, & I thought in AR, but I can’t find it.
    Thanks guys

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    Hello slashpot,
    After making your selection, Cut or Copy & Paste should get you what you want, no?
    After pasting, the ‘Transform Panel’ will open where you can make any adjustments like Scale, Rotation etc… you may want to do, then just hit the ‘Return’ key, to finalise the 'Paste' operation.
    The ‘Paste’ will always be to a new layer.
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