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Thread: Stencil opacity

  1. Stencil opacity

    I really enjoy the stencils and wonder whether they could have an opacity adjustment: so you could still know where they are located but could better paint on top of them/see the result right away.

    For instance that feature would be great to adjust textures on a painting.


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    I just discovered how useless stencils are without this function. If not an opacity setting wHat I think should happen is that the stencil should simply automatically hide as soon as you start painting (keeping the stencil functionality as you paint of course.) and return when you stop. (This works perfectly in a 3d program I use called 3DCoat)

    At the moment I'm just painting blind through a red square. Its stupid (sorry, but there is no other word for it).Name:  square.png
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    Or better yet.... give the people what they want: LAYER MASKS!! Please...

    and Thank you.

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