Dear Artrage,

Your software is fantastic. The interface - solid. And you have many fans. But all that is if the user is on a PC.

I work in Hollywood. The mobile creative tool of choice is the iPad Pro - it's great for mobile design, script notation and over-all professional creativity. No one is lugging around a Wacom tablet on a set and no one wants to deal with the clumsiness of an android OS machine or translate from Windows when everyone one Above The Line is working on MAC.

So implore you: PLEASE UPDATE YOU iOS/PadOS device before it's too late. The boat may be sailing on you but I can tell you enough people love your interface to want to see it on our mobile platforms. But to be frank, the current one you have for iOS is slow, clumsy and unintuitive - the exact antithesis of your Mac OS experience.

I draw now on SketchUp, MediaBang Paint, Art Studio Pro and if I have to Procreate when I'm crafting scenes before I get to set. But on OS yours was the superior program. However we can't wait much longer for it to be properly available on the most utilized creative tool in the professional world.

Make it subscription based ( $10 a month - fine by me ). Make it exactly like your OS but on an iOS. And make it come out - quickly!