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Thread: Canvas grain? Does it affect brushes?

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    Canvas grain? Does it affect brushes?

    Hi, I saw a youtube video. He used watercolor and got with canvas grain nice texture on his water color layer. Which I find really confusing. i turned my roughness upp to 100% and none of my brushes are affected? Is this canvas grain only cosmetic? or how did he do that? is there a button? (Artrage 6)

    Edit: cant even upload a video...
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    Yes it is. Play with the canvas texture size and roughness settings. Play with different canvases. Plus there might be a problem with the layer settings. Open the menu on the layer with the right mouse button, select "edit layer texture". Here you have a choice: either edit the texture properties for each layer separately (in this case, specifically for the selected layer), or select the "use canvas texture" checkbox at the very top and make settings in the canvas properties settings. In this case, the settings will apply to those layers where the "use canvas texture" checkbox is checked.
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