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Thread: How do I use the fill tool? help

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    Exclamation How do I use the fill tool? help

    I just bought ARTRAGE version 6, I'm a beginner, and I would like it's when I draw a shape, and I want to use the Fill tool, unfortunately the fill tool fills the whole page while I just want the shape. How can I do? thank you in advance


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    Hello Grendizer and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Here are two posts I made about the Fill Tool some time ago.
    Though the fill tool hasn't really changed much since I made these posts, it dose now have a 'Gap Tolerance' setting and a 'Slow Motion' setting when working with solid colours but basically the info in the posts still applies.
    Basic Fills. If you are filling line art, I generally prefer having my fill colours on a separate layer below the line art layer:
    Gradient and Pattern Fills Video:
    And more extensive info about about the Fill Tool can be found here:
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    Thank You for the link

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