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Thread: Widen line while drawing

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    Widen line while drawing

    Is there a way to widen a line while you are drawing it? Such as gradually increasing from 5% to 15% along the length. Thanks for any info in advance.

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    Hello Burbear and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    Yes, this is possible if you are using a pen & tablet, where the degree of pen pressure on the tablet can be used to influence the line width with certain tools, notably brushes like the Oil Brush and Watercolour Brush, etc...
    For "Hard" tools like the Pastel and Pencil, etc..., by default pen pressure won't change their width (just as in real life) but you can set this up if you want it by going into 'Set Stylus Properties' in the tool 'Settings' panel for those tools.
    However if you are using a mouse then unfortunately there is no way to change a line's width while you are actually drawing it.
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    Thank you for the response. It works wonderfully.

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