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Thread: Brush designer help

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    Brush designer help


    Just trying to modify my first brush.
    My issue is modification aren't saved in the custom brush after settings modified in Brush designer.

    Let's i change the head of the brush in brush designer , then click O.K.
    When I open again brush creator of the same brushe, I only have old brush head.

    Thanks for the help.

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    If you alter an existing brush in the Brush Designer those changes will be respected after clicking OK.
    However these changes are not permanent, unless you now save your new settings as a new Preset.
    Let’s say you start with the Artistic brush ‘Bristle 7’, you open the Brush Designer for it and change Dab Spacing and click OK.
    That change will now be respected while you continue painting with that brush.
    You now switch to a different brush or tool for a while.
    Now you come back to the ‘Bristle 7’ brush but because that is a "Preset" it will load as the original Bristle 7 brush was, before your changes.
    All tools and canvases in AR will behave in this way, as soon as you re-select an existing preset, that preset’s settings will take over.
    So it’s important to remember that if you have found a combination of setting you like for any tool or canvas that you save them as a new Preset strait away!
    There is an exception to the above and that is if you were to switch from tool A to another tool, tool B, and even then to use tools C and D, and then go back to tool A by clicking that tool’s icon in the ‘Tool Picker’ panel (or by using it’s shortcut key) then you would find tool A still as you had left it set up before.
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    Thank you very much.

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