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Thread: TAB not masking Windows ?

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    TAB not masking Windows ?


    When I hit the TAB, some UI disappear (Colors,menus, graphic Brush selector).
    But all other floating windows remains.

    I wish I could made them disappear at once ?

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    This is by design.
    However, depending on your hardware you might be able to get close to what you want with a 1 button click, if your input source allows you to set and send sequential key commands.
    First, in AR, make sure you have set key commands for Hide All References and Show All References.
    Now on your input devise set one key to send the “Hide All…” shortcut followed by the Tab command. And set another key to send the “Show All…” shortcut followed by the Tab key.
    To hide floating Tool Picker, Presets panels etc… at the same time could be done, and shortcuts for opening & closing them would need to be added to the two sequences too.
    However in practice I’ve found that for me, apart from the references panels, any other floating panels I have open at any given time are completely random so adding shortcuts to the “Show” sequence for them wasn’t helpful and just led to unwanted panels opening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by markw View Post
    This is by design.
    Masking all windows with Tab, as in many software would more handy.
    I work with an iPad as tablet with luna display and Astropad studio.
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