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Thread: Export single layers??

  1. Export single layers??

    Is there a way to export single layers as .png?
    If not why?
    Most graphic apps software have this option.
    Why not ArtRage???
    If this is not an option could it be added?
    Where do I ask for this option to be added?

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    Just tried it and worked.

    Simply right click on layer and "Export Layer"

  3. Never thought to look in layers for that option. I was looking under dropdown menu.Files> export.
    Thanks very much.Won't work for Groups.
    And I could not fine the export all layers as .png or .jpg
    I will use export to PSD but sometimes I would like to choose which layers I want in the PSD.
    Do you know a way to do this?
    Again thank you. I appreciate it

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    Hello uncle808us,
    Unfortunately you can only export individual layers one at a time.
    You can choose the file format for the layer in the export window that opened. On Macs it’s in the bottom left corner of the export window.
    Note, if using .jpeg you need to set the compression quality you want in ArtRage’s preferences first. This setting will be retained and used for all .jpeg exports in the future, both for an entire painting or individual layers, until you next change it.
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    One of the reasons for me to convert all my ArtRage ptg files to psd files is using another program, Affinity Photo or Designer (or Photoshop), to export all layers with a single click. I can get them cropped to the single item on the separate layer or as a full layer, including a LUA script to use in animation (Spine) or programming in Corona.

    Still, its is a nice feature in ArtRage, the single layer export.

    Look at this:
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  6. @markw: Thanks for that info very much appreciated.

    @Henry Stahle: Yes I use it for Affinity as well and for sprites in Anime studio.
    "I can get them cropped to the single item on the separate layer or as a full layer,"
    In Artrage? Please explain the above statement. If you would.
    You've made my curious with this statement:
    "a LUA script to use in animation (Spine) or programming in Corona. "
    Could you explain a bit more on this as well?

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    you can just fare singular layers each in turn. You can pick the document design for the layer in the fare window that opened. On Macs it's in the base left corner of the fare window.

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