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Thread: Which pens arw bug-free?

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    Which pens arw bug-free?

    I'm asking, not for myself, but to have ready advice for others.

    The Ntrig Surface Pro seems to have the highest number of bug complaints: pen-doesn't-draw, stair casing on diagonal lines, lags, skips, etc., enough to make it virtually unusable for some.

    The long-time professional standard, Wacom EMR, is the subject of occasional complaints, but I can't scope out what triggers problems. This is the pen I use, and all of my combinations work. It doesn't malfunction here.

    Apple Pencil is acclaimed. As an iPad device, it doesn't really belong in this forum. But the reported excellence cannot be ignored. I tried it at an Apple store, and was very impressed.

    Wacom AES is a question. I haven't seen enough testimonials or complaints to make advice I can pass on.
    LG makes a very attractive "Gram" tablet convertible using this pen, but there aren't any reports by artists.

    On standalone LCD tablets other than Wacom, I have virtually no bug info. ???

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    Is this for a totally new device or looking for a tablet to go with an existing laptop/desktop system?

    I have used Wacom tablets with ArtRage, with no problems at all for quite some time. Previously a bamboo and currently using an Intuos Pro. I have had a few bugs generally with it across the board, but would say it has exclusively been conflicts with the windows ink system. In ArtRage itself, there are several configurations to turn on and off in the preferences to get the right response and I think a lot of people overlook this.

    The cintiq range are generally fantastic and I recently had a go with and XP-Pen display which was excellent - especially given the price compared to a cintiq equivalent. I only used Photoshop on these but, but they have been the best digital drawing experience by far and will be the next addition to my system when I can.

    With regards to mobile systems, the iPad Pro and the Wacom Mobile Studio are probably the best options, though both are expensive. Pros and cons of each. iPad with the pencil feels quick and responsive but, personally I wasn't too keen on the slippery drawing experience out of the box. You're also limited to the app version of ArtRage. (I only got to test Procreate on the iPad). The Wacom mobile studio is a much better drawing experience but is also incredibly expensive, especially for the performance as there would be no way to upgrade hardware overtime. However, it runs a full operating system, so you get all features of any program.

    I haven't used a surface so can't comment on that.

    Any of these will be better than a 3rd party stylus only solution for tablets.

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    It seems that the Wacom stop to manufacture reasonably priced Pen & Touch tabs?
    With my Bamboo Pen&Touch I have one small problem — the double click, occasionally... The pen's tip loose-jointed and very sensitive as far as the clicking concerned, and tuning 'Pressure Offset' using the CTRL+clicking the tab's "About" button (on the windows os) isn't very useful — at once — for the drawing and clicking in the Windows File Explorer. So, I buy the tab with 4 buttons to clicking and touch for reading long specs (scroll & zoom).
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    I'm a new user,.....but I researched (YouTube) the Raphael 520 by Renaisser..
    For me, it's everything they said it was.
    I would recommend to a friend.

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