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Thread: Text options on Artrage 6 Upgrade

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    Thumbs up Text options on Artrage 6 Upgrade

    Now upgraded from Studio pro to 6, I discover the ttf fonts that 6 reads from my win10os ttf's are basically a choice of ONE.

    I'm hoping that a fix will be in a 6upgrade, due shortly perhaps?. But in the meanwhile can I use my old studio pro AR version and transfer text into 6 As a kind of workaround???

    Is there a process to deal with this?

    Or, can I open a folder for separately downloaded ttf's to store in the AR6 folder?????

    Is there a 6 upgrade coming out soon??

    Thanks for any insight on this 6 version text set back

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    Hi Wolfgang!

    Are you sure? There are only Times-Presets in the Presets Window, that is true. But you should have most of your fonts, installed under Windows, appearing in the Tool Settings Window of the Text Tool (as shown in the screenshot below). You have to click on the menu Font (on my Screenshot Font: Altitude Pro). Than the Window Select Font appears.
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    Mine comes up looking like this;
    Looks like its not finding my win 10 fonts.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello Wolfgang,
    You seem to have the Text Presets window open there. If you are wanting to access the fonts on your system you need to do it via the Text Tool panel itself.
    On the Text Tool panel click on the button bearing the currently selected font. This should then bring up the list of available fonts found on your system.
    You can use Presets for easy access to often used fonts but these are just lists in effect, to tell AR what to load. The actual fonts themselves will still be in the default font location for your system, not inside AR.
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    If you can't find the Settings Panel, open the View Menu. Tool Settings is the seventh item. Or press Ctrl+Alt+O. The Tool Settings Panel is the basic Panel to make adjustments for every active tool. These adjustments can be saved as Presets, if you want to work with exactly these adjustments again later.
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    Finding text

    Thanks much for your help!

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    Got it !! TY Much!

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    TY much got it

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