Hello Artrage community,

I've recently upgraded from artrage lite to artrage 6, which I'm very pleased with. I just came across a few bugs and I couldn't seem any other way to notify this.

1. When you group layers there is an option to unexpend/expend and to hide/show. The unexpend and hide in group does not work. The arrows and eyes (shortcuts for this option) will change, but the layers will all still be visible in both ways. In the attachment I've shown the hide options are on but my art is still visible and the group is still expanded.
Name:  Artrage layer group bug.PNG
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2. Undoing an erase doesn't always seem to work, it starts undoing colors or layers but not the erase I just performed. If I happen to erase too much I'm in bad luck.

Thank you for putting the effort into this program!

Kind regards,