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Thread: Seamless metal textures

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    Seamless metal textures

    I use seamless textures as a support, between layers and on top. I wanted to know if anyone uses metal textures in this manner. I already checked you tube. If it is the complement of the main painting, do you make the layer slightly opaque so it shows through. Thanks.

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    I regularly use texture layers in paintings especially in watercolour or pastel based ones.
    Mostly, but not always, I keep them at the top of the layer stack in a group of their own and mostly have them set to Overlay blend mode and of varying opacity’s.
    Sometimes I use the textures retaining their original colours but often I will take out all the colour and just use them as black & white.
    I have no really hard and fast rules on using them and each painting usually ends up with it’s own unique set of texture overlays.
    But the one thing I do try to always do is set them up at the start of a painting, though I may “tweak” them at times later on.
    Imposing textures on a finished or nearly finished work often feels “forced” and unconvincing. Where as if they are there from the beginning, no matter how subtle they may be, I find they do affect my choices during painting, resulting in a more unified look and feel.
    The attached shot is fairly typical of my texture layers in a painting.
    But really it all comes down to experimenting and seeing what works for you, there are no “right” or “wrong” ways of creating your own art just what pleases you!
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    Thanks Mark.

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