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Thread: Artwork orientation / rotation keeps changing

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    Post Artwork orientation / rotation keeps changing

    Hello, I've been using ArtRage for several years, but this problem seems to have appeared with iOS 13. I'm currently working on a 9.7 inch iPad Pro on iOS 13.5.1 and I just don't understand why this is happening. The problem is that the orientation of my artwork keeps changing.

    There is definitely something going wrong with the layer orientation. I just carefully set up a piece in Landscape orientation and I didn't even close it, but only set it down for awhile. So the iPad did sleep with ArtRage open. Now it is turned so that I'm stuck with a landscape piece in portrait orientation.

    AND- as I was writing this, I set it down for awhile, NOW IT IS UPSIDE DOWN IN PORTRAIT MODE (SEE PHOTO).

    This is just a reference composition sketch, but this happens over and over again. What is wrong with ArtRage? I shouldn't have to lock the orientation of my screen, should I? If saved, the sketch appears correctly in landscape orientation in the gallery, but when I open it, it indicates the 'top' is again in portrait orientation. What changed between Apple and ArtRage in iOS 13? Is there any way I can lock down the orientation inside ArtRage?
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    Question Layer orientation -

    I'm having a similar issue. I used Artrage desktop for years and just loved it, and now, I'm working on Artrage Vitae on my iPad Pro 12.9 version 14.4.2. My layers seem to be on their side. I can't figure what I'm doing to cause this. I often start a canvas in Portrait mode, and then turn my iPad to horizontal to work. Just not sure if it is a bug? or if Artrage just wants to be worked in one specific orientation or the orientation you start with. I just tried turning my art with pinch turn, every which way, and the layer always appears sideways.

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    I use Vitae on android and I also notice this rotational issue. If I start off in landscape and then rotate to portrait the canvas remains in the landscape orientation and therefore is at a 90 degree angle, as is any reference. I can rotate them back round to align with portrait mode but when a 2 finger canvas reset is activated it resets back to landscape which can be frustrating when accidentally activating when zooming the canvas with 2 finger zoom.

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