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Thread: American Dream 2

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    American Dream 2

    My second artwork:"Invisible enemy"
    Still connect with the first one: how I feel about the US now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Good symbolism.

    As a viewer, in my interpretation, I would even take the symbolic template and apply it to any and all governments and societies throughout the world. Humanity, once the social forms are stripped away, has a lot that can be compared to the animal world. There's a lot that can be learned from the circle of life of nature because we can step back from it when it's nature but not so easy to step apart from when discussing humans and governments and so forth because people tend to become defensive if it cuts too deep. So I applaud your choice of subject to make your statement (as I see it to be). I can see you put a lot of thought into it.

    I particularly like the caterpillar as a second read. It could represent being both very vulnerable and the observer, where blending in and being out of sight from all the predators may mean survival. It may even represent yourself who is the one creating the analogy. It may be satisfying to you to know that for me, as the viewer, I identify with that figure for that reason as well. Just waiting to become a butterfly. Hopefully that's what I'm becoming and not a moth.

    Beyond the powerful statement, it's well painted too.
    "Not a bit is wasted and the best is yet to come. . ." -- remembered from a dream

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    Fantastic painting i like very much.
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    Thanks for your appreciation.

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