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Thread: Background color 100 % white

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    Background color 100 % white

    Hey everybody
    when i print the image i see the background color is not 100 % white.
    How can i do ?
    I was googling but did not find the answer.
    Can somebody help me ?
    Thanks a lot,

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    This most likely is being caused by the Canvas Lighting.
    The default in AR is for a canvas to be brightest in the top left corner and subtly getting darker towards the bottom right corner.
    This lighting can be turned Off in the ‘Canvas Settings’ panel: View > Canvas Settings, and un-tick the 'Canvas Lighting’ box.
    Or by setting ‘Intensity’ in the Canvas Settings to 0%.
    Note, that any areas of textured paint will look flat without the canvas lighting as this is what gives the illusion of paint depth and gloss to tools like the Oil brush, Paint Tube, Glitter, etc…
    However if you do need to keep the appearance of textured paint, you may be able to get around this, after completing all painting, by trying the following;
    1: Have Canvas Lighting On.
    2: Setting Canvas Opacity to 0%
    3: Exporting as PNG file/s the entire painting or individual layers.
    4: Turn Off Canvas Lighting and/or set Intensity to 0%.
    5: Set canvas Opacity to 100% and colour to pure white, ie. 255, 255, 255.
    5: Import the PNG file/s back in as new layers and turn Off or Delete the original one/s.
    6: Export whole finished painting.
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    The darking effect could also be caused by the Metallic-Slider of the Canvas Settings. This slider gives the canvas texture a higher contrast, so that the peaks of it are bright and the depths are darker - so the whole canvas becomes darker. If you set the slider to "0%" the canvas will be as bright as it can be, but the canvas texture will be nearly invisible at the areas of the canvas without painting.

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    Yes I have a background color 100 % white. Even my color picker says #ffffff THANKS A LOT, have a nice day, paul

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