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Thread: Is it Possible to Create an Artbrush Paint From a Photo?

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    Is it Possible to Create an Artbrush Paint From a Photo?

    I physically mixed together some mud and sand then took a physical picture of it.
    Is it possible for me to somehow import this picture into artbrush and use it as a paint?

    In other words, I would like to use paint in artbrush that looks like this picture of mud and sand. Is this possible?

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    Hello Mhoh11 and welcome to the ArtRage forums
    The Sticker Spray tool may be the way to go with your ďmudí images.
    You could create your own Sticker Sheets from your mud images for the Sticker Spray tool to use. Itís a bit of a complex tool to setup but worth taking the time to learn.
    There are quite a few old tutorials floating around about it here in the Techniques section of the forums and on YouTube. Although the UI and look of ArtRage has changed over time the principles remain the same in the current version of AR.
    Here are a few tutorials to get you started:
    A Sticker Spray made from an existing image:
    Making a glossy 3D looking Sticker Spray:
    An example of ARís lighting interacting with a glossy 3D sticker:

    On Making Sticker Sheets;

    Using the Spray Variation panel:
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    Hi to you both!

    Just a short additional remark: You can create stickers (that you can use as brush or single stickers), custom brushes, stencils and canvases outoff every photograph or image you want. It depends on the image if it will make sense and look good when you use it. Mark already told you something about stickers.

    To create custom brushes is a little more complex. But I Think, if you try the Brush Designer by yourself, you will learn to use it after a while. So did I. If it drives you mad, just ask us.

    To create stencils, you need b/w-images with the white areas turned into transparency. I create such things with other graphic programs like GIMP (Image Editing) or Inkscape (Vector Graphics). Both are free, but you can also use ArtRage for it if you want. It is not verry difficult. If you have such an image, load it into ArtRage, rightclick on it's layer in the layer window and click on "New stencil from layer contents". Than the stencil will be created. To save it for later use, rightclick on the stencil on the image and click on "Add to collection".

    To create Canvases is verry easy. Just open the Canvas Settings Window, click on the preview window of the Grain and load the image you want to use as canvas. This will give your canvas a slightly sculptural texture. If you want to have the image as background Pattern also, just click on the preview window of the Pattern and load the same image again. And do the adjustments with the sliders around there, that are easy to understand. If you like your canvas, you can save it as a new Canvas Preset. For that, click on the preview window "Canvas Presets" and than on "Add Canvas Preset".
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