I get some idea when i look these many paintings of these pages.


Idea is art-exhibition virtual internet world?

These page has many fine drawings and painters, expert and just start to training art. Gallery forums is fine place to send drawings to see and make conversation, etc. Also art-project is special place also. Both are needet.

Then next step is art-world to take part of exhibition.

Maybe it can bee 4-5 times per year, some special issue every exhibition, one work/artist, etc. (Issues like, nature, life, moon, bird, love, oil paint, technics, etc. etc.)

Of cource there is technical needs like what is artrage2 canvas size, how to send original drawings, how present artist on virtual worldpage, etc, and then also copyright needs and financial needs.

Also who made this exhibition web-pages and take care of it and do that basic work, etc. Of cource it need humans to do that, collect works and put it on the exhibition and so on and it take work-time and that need incomings some way.

What i mean that it is nice if user can look painting at full monitor view or future hdtv-size maybe so that it is some kind of virtual-exhibition style.
Also i think that exhibition give more quality and innovation-kick and mind-feelings to make special work just special exhibition.

Do you have proposal, how we made together first and best global earth virtual artrage madet art-exhibition?

Hmm. Mainly i look to ambient design direction? You have skills to made programs, net-pages, art-eye, and so on. And how can made virtual-exhibition that it has also fine art perspective, user friendly, but also copyright and financial side of you and painters?