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Thread: Additional textured papers

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    Additional textured papers

    I have artrage 6 and recently used an artrage textured paper after viewing a video on Corel Painter. It worked very well and I would like to get more texture papers to use in this manner. I have windows 10. Do you know where I can get additional paper. Thanks. Arlene

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    Hi artbybabad!

    Some time ago I started a Google-Search for ArtRage-Stuff, and I found some on Deviant Art. Just try it. Maybe you will also find some in the Art Supplies Section of this forum.

    But I prefer to create my own canvases. That is verry easy. You just need a greyscale image with a texture. You can create this texture by yourself, for example by painting it in ArtRage or another program, by using some filtres in other programs or by using photographs. The size of the image depends on how big you need it - how big the texture should be. Then you just need to make it seamlesss, so that it can be automaticly merged, so that it is a continuous canvas without seams. To get it into ArtRage, you have to click on the preview of the "Grain" in the Canvas Settings Dock and navigate to the place where you saved your canvas image, to load it. Then make the adjustments for its behaviour (Grain Size, Roughness, Canvas Colour, Metallic...). You can also load a Pattern, that will be shown in place of the canvas colour. This can also be a full coloured image, maybe with the same texture as the Grain Texture or even with another one. Finally you should save this all as a new Canvas Preset. Since I use ArtRage, I have created a huge amount of cavases. A wide range of different types of textures. That is verry cool. The only problem is, that the Canvas Settings Dock needs some time to load all that stuff when you first start ist, after starting ArtRage.

    I use the Open Source Image Editing Software GIMP to make my canvases seamless and even to create textures for ArtRage with it. There is a function named "make seamless" in the "Filters"-Menu, in the Submenu "Map". That works satisfying in many cases. Sometimes you have to puzzle a bit to get more satisfying results.
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    AR user Someonesane (who we haven’t seen around here for a long time now sadly) made a tutorial a while back on making seamless tiles that could be used as canvas textures in AR here:
    You can also just type ‘seamless textures’ into a search engine.
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    I'm not sure how to cut/paste you to his posts, but user Peter W has provided some beautiful Japanese grains. Also, lots of texture stencils as well as half-tones and splats in entries from 2009. Use Advanced Search and enter his name Peter W to get access to his gifts to the forum.

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