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Thread: Feature Request: Brush Opacity Adjust On Canvas

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    Feature Request: Brush Opacity Adjust On Canvas

    Hi, everyone. You know how you can adjust the brush size by holding down shift and dragging left and right? What if you could hold shift and drag up and down to adjust brush opacity? Would the developers be interested in this?
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    I agree. That would be great!

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    I would prefer another key for this, I think. At first because it would replace the brush size function. And also because it could collide with the function to draw straight lines in a locked angle (Cmd+Shift).

    Edit: One additional annotation: In ArtRage in fact only a few tools really have a feature for brush transparency as f.e. in Photoshop or Affinity Photo. That is because ArtRage is more oriented on simulating analog painting than image editing softwares do. While f.e. the Airbrush has a Transparency slider, other tools create transparency with Thinners and/or the Pressure in a different way. It's a little more complex as in image editing softwares, I think.
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