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That's verry interesting. And also suprising. There is this spot on the left side of the cat's chest that looks exactly like a fur-brush at the end of the stroke. Seems that you did that intentional. Maybe just to confuse people like me?

I'm not sure if I like working with fur-brushes. I'm still experimenting with it. But it's an interesting new toy for me. I never painted with oil. Most time I used the airbrush with acrylic colours, made ink-drawings and some mixed-media-experiments before I started digital painting. I love traditional painting, but there is a little Explorer lurking in me sowhere deep inside, always searching for something new. One of my main interests is comic art, focused on graphic novels.

Thanx verry much for the video and the explaination! Really interesting and good work!
Thanks! Ahh, I see what you mean regarding the cat. Yes, regarding that area on "Snuggles" my cat, that's just the way her fur is, it kind of poofs out in a radial pattern in that spot. I highly recommend any digital artist also attempt to engage in the traditional or what I like to call "analog" methods of painting. You learn so much when studying old masters. My favorite artist to study was born in 1859. Peder Mørk Mønsted. He was a Danish realist painter who lived till 1941. I am fascinated with his landscape paintings. I think it's good for any artist to pick their favorite artist and try to emulate them. For me, I do love classical realism, so I try to infuse that into both my digital and analog (traditional) works of art.