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Thread: Artrage Pro to Artrage 6

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    Artrage Pro to Artrage 6

    Hi All, was wondering if anyone here can comment on how big the improvements are between Artrage Pro (which I think was version 3.5? ish) and Artrage 6. Considering upgrading but I only use it for hobby painting when I can get the time together, so if the differences are not big to someone in that category I may keep going with the version I have. Thanks

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    Hi Jacc!

    This is not easy to say, becaus it depends on your subjective needs and preferences. I even can't remember every single innovation. Anyway, one verry cool innovation is the Custom Brush. This is a tool that's worth upgrading, I think. You can paint verry creamy, smooth and pastose brushstrokes with a verry smooth blending with it. And you can build myriads of brushes of your own. But it needs a powerfull computer. Otherwise the performance of the brushstrkes will be slow. Another nice thing is the "Layout Panel", that offers the opportunity to drag Guidelines (horizontal and vertical) on your canvas, show a Grid and Perspective Guidelines with optional one or two Vanishing Points.

    One thing I miss compared to older versions of ArtRage is the opportunity to scale the Docks. But you can chose between two different Interface Modes: the classic one, with all the Docks lying detached on the Screen, and the Docking Mode (in wich you can dock the Docks together on the left and the right side of the GUI. I use to work in the the Docking Mode, even it is a little unstable. Had some crashes in the past, and after every crash I had to reconfigure the Docking.

    My first ArtRage was ArtRage 4. And I didn't ever regret uprading to 5 and 6.

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    Like, Somerset said, whether to upgrade or not is quite a subjective call!
    But for me as a long time user since v2 I’ve no regrets what so ever with always keeping up with the latest versions of AR.
    But in addition to what Somerset has already said I would also add on the technical side that from AR4.5, AR became a fully 64bit app allowing it to take advantage of faster processing on more modern computers and unlimited use of the available RAM.
    It should also be noted that on Macs, from macOS 10.15 onwards, only 64bit apps are supported, so the likes of Studio Pro (which is a 32bit app) may not function correctly or at all.
    AR6 also supports Retina screens now with much smoother zoom & pan functionality.

    Though not an official change the Watercolour brush is fractionally faster and at 500% fractionally wider now. And as it’s my favourite brush any gains in speed & size are always welcome, however small
    Actions, we now have Actions which use the Script functionality to let you record a set of steps so you can repeat them at any time later. I have a few which I use to generate new layers with specific blend modes already selected.
    And then there’s the Warp filter in AR6 which I find very useful for correctional tweaking of the shape and size of small areas
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